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If you are interested in gettiing custom-made, sublimated apparel, please contact

Golken Industries  for preferred pricing being offered to St. Louis area programs.


Notices:  Adult Learn To Play.  I have had requests from a number of people about learning to play lacrosse.  If you would be interested in this, please send me an email.


We started this web site after hearing a lot of parents and players asking about options for many things related to lacrosse in the St Louis area, including information on camps, clinics, schools, where to buy equipment, etc.


Our goal is to eventually get everything that is happening in lacrosse in the St. Louis area on this one web site as an easy reference for anyone interested in the sport and learning about what is available.


We hope to eventually get some sponsorships from vendors, not listers, to pay for the updating and the maintenance of the site, but for now, I will do it and pay for it out of my love for the sport that I have now played for more than 40 years.  I am thrilled to see lacrosse continuing to grow in the area and hope that this site, in some small way, can help accelerate that.


We want to get all information we can about what is going on right now and continue to add to it in the future.  There is/will be no fee for anyone listing their team, clinic, league, etc. on the site.  The organization of the information is something that will evolve over time, but I put out an idea to get things started.  Please let your friends, coaches, players etc. know about the site and ask them to submit their information to be added.


For this to be really useful, we need everyone to be represented here.  Please try and get the word out and get those submissions in!


Thank you

Bryan Dieter 



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